Horoscope 2022

    Year of 2022 will be not easy for all of us! Covid 19 will be strong problem and chellenge for this world. Saturn in square aspect with Uranus created this deadly illness! In 2001 I predicted September 11 tragedy in America.

In 2022 Jupiter enters to the sign of Pisces and will be in conjunction with Neptune. It means you can find eventually a sea treasury as Mel Fisher in the Carribeans The Atocha. Good periods of the year 2022 are: from january till june 2022. Try to plan and realise your ideas in this periods. Because this is the periods of best luck to start business, find good job, sign a contract get money! Year 2022 (first half) is the year of getting birth of billianaire! It means that in such years like this rich people usually are born. The best periods for conceiving a baby - first 4 monthes of the 2022, june, end of the year!

This year 2022 is popular seafood and fish on your kitchen to be cooked because of strong aspect of Neptune with Jupiter in Pisces. Lobsters, crabs, musles, seaweed, fish - the most actual in first half of the year.


In october 2022 planet Mars will turn retrograde. It means red planet starts move indirectly in reverse direction! It will last till january 2023.

    Eclipses in 2022 will be in may and november. Eclipses in 2022 will actual for signs of Taurus and Scorpio. It could trigger fatal events in man's fate. To control it is very diffeclt. It could be a aircrash, car crash, illness, deadly diagnose est. Don't follow standart way of life in the period of eclipse.

    This year of 2022 is crucial for Russia and mr.Putin. During the long 8 monthes from august 2022 till 2023 Mars will be in Gemini! It means Mars transit will be in opposite sign to the sign of Saggitarius where Mars located in Putin's horoscope. Bad sign. You remember terroristic acts( living houses explosions) in Russia, Moscow,Volgodonsk? It was occured when Mars entered Saggitarius and affecting natal Mars in putins horoscope! But never the less. Putin will be stronger than ever, Saturn in his horoscope will be in trigon with transit Saturn in Aquarius. However there will be NO war on Ukraine in 2022. Russian troops will not cross the border with Ukraine! But year 2022 will be really streessful for mr. Putin and his allies.    


Yours faithfully, astrologer Constantine Semenov