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School of business astrology

Special offer You can study my course of business astrology: How to predict gold price 30 lessons, How to predict Forex 6 basic lessons,How to predict stock prices.

For those who has potential and talent for business and to analysis of the business information I offer to get course at school of business astrology.

How to predict Bitcoin with astrology

   Basic principals of predicting bitcoin. 4 lessons in english. It makes possible to forsee the future of crypto. The course explains the main principle of trend moving. For most astrologers this is a secret how planets move the trend. But its not difficult to get know when you read this lessons! These lessons are useful for trade and prediction too! You can buy the course now send us a letter to e mail: astrologtrader@yahoo.com

This is advanced course costs - 1500 euro

How to predict Forex

   As you know Forex is the biggest market in the world! Trillions of dollars turnover each day makes it the most profitable and adorable for every trader! Of cause planets control the currencies moving round o?lock but it still unknown for most of traders and astrologers how! This course is the way to get knowledge what is the main factors that move the currencies up and down! There are several main subjects. The first is the general theory of the trend and factors that change its moving in opposite direction in different time scale for major currencies EUS/USD, GBP/USD, JPY/USD! The course explains the main principle of trend moving. For most astrologers this is a secret how planets move the trend. But its not difficult to get know when you read this lessons! These lessons are useful for trade and prediction too! 7 basic lessons explain and teach what moves the trend. You can buy one lesson to taste it for 150 euro. And lesson # 4 - advanced lesson showes how to trade and make decision on trading. Read more "click here " You can buy the course now send us a letter to e mail: astrologtrader@yahoo.com

This is advanced course costs - 500 euro

How to predict price of gold

   I have made two courses about How to predict price of gold. This is one of them. This is fundamental course about basic principals of cause why price of gold moves The main themes are: Pure factor explains the theory of pure factor, the influence on gold price that has to be surely considered as real factor that affects the price of gold! More of it how to find, determine, analyze, use and so on! BATTLE BETWEEN FACTORS this is the most fundamental subject of this course and explains the antagonism of factors which occurs in the same time and try to move trend in different directions in the short period of time that makes the trend looks like saw edge! FACTORS CLASSIFICATION this explains the elements of factors classification between them. Some factors are stronger and when they appears they dominate over weaker factors, and this theme explains the most interesting moments of this lesson! Also theory of orbis, MAJOR PRINCIPLE OF ORB, effect of temporary, wrong factors, hidden and rare factors, factor in minor and some else. This course shows major different factors that move the trend of price of gold unveiling the major particular planets aspects that affect the price of gold. Even one lesson practical and makes possible to start make money on trading. First lesson - Temporary factor made possible to gain 90% profit on trading in 2019 You can buy 1 lesson for 200 euro and study it, then make a decision whether to buy more lessons. You can pay by Western Union or Pay pal. You can order the course now send me a letter to e mail: astrologtrader@yahoo.com

This fundamental full course with 10 lessons costs - $ 2000

How to predict stock price

   There is a difference between methods How to predict stock price and How to predict Stock markets! Big difference! Because the method How to predict stock price uses horoscopes of particular companies not horoscope of stock exchanges and method of common dynamic. The method of common dynamic is the basic principle in predicting markets: stock markets, oil, commodities and others. It based on current dynamic of planet during the certain period of time and does not use horoscope at all. Due to this method I managed to predict monthly moving of major world stock indices in 2010 with accuracy of 90% predicted 10 from 11 months, oil price in 2009 in 100% accuracy on 9 months. And proved the crucial thing the existence of energy nature of markets. The energy nature of markets is the basic element of conception of trend moving! In other words the principle of what really moves the bear and bull on the markets! What the nature of this energy and what is its source! All this useful for theory and for trading knowledge you can read in my lessons. This method is very useful for trading predicting of the markets! But it sometime is too hard to understand, predict and study, because of effect of factor antagonism, when you don't know which factor is stronger when two different of them occur in the same time!

This fundamental course costs - $ 490

How to predict stock price (advanced version)

   This additional part of course how to predict stock price but in addition to main theory I include the analyze of stock history of 43 biggest corporations based on theory of the course how to predict stock price You can study the stock history or following corporations: Airbus, AMD, American Airline, American Express, Apple Inc., Bank of America, Caterpillar Inc., Citigroup Inc., Costco Wholesale Corporation, Countrywide Financial Corporation, Dell inc., Enron Corporation, Exxon Mobil Corporation, Ford Motor Company, General Electric Co., General Motors Corporation, IBM corp., Intel Corporation, LUKoil, UKOS, Hitachi, Komatsu Limited, McDonald's Corp., Merrill Lynch, Microsoft Corporation, Morgan Stanley, Motorola Inc., MetLife, NEC Corporation, P&G, Sony Corp., The Boeing Company, The Dow Chemical Company, The Hewlett Packard, The Kroger Co., The United States Steel Corporation, The Walt Disney Company, Toyota Motor Corporation, Union Carbide Corporation, Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Wells Fargo, Xerox Corporation, Yahoo inc.

This fundamental course costs - $ 590

How to predict price of wheat

   There were the times when global stock markets did not exist, but wheat was the basic commodity that was traded almost thousands of years during the human history in this world. Probably this is the oldest market in the world. There were not money and even gold was not a real payment and store of value. But wheat was traded actively and its price was set regularly. It depends on weather conditions, rising demand and consumption due to growing of world population, but real reasons are still unknown for public! Get ready to know it and study for make huge profit margin trading wheat. The course consists of two parts. First part is the basic theory about the factors that drive the wheat price up and down, and second part is analyses of price of wheat moving for about 300 years from 1700 till 2011! It trustful prove that theory is based on real long period analyze. Really strong enough evidence that real cause of changing wheat price exists and revealed.

This fundamental course costs - $ 10000

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   After the successful finishing the school the diploma will be granted. You can order the course now send me a letter: astrologtrader@yahoo.com