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Acts of terrorism in the USA on 11-th of September

This forecast, which concerns not only the future of the world finances but also the future of many people in the U.S., speaks about the ambiguity of work with the future. The 9/11 tragedy is a bright illustration of this. One can hardly name another such loud tragedy since the opening of the TV era. The style of the article goes beyond the established format. It presents a set of enigmatic historical facts now revived and influencing the destiny of the U.S. today. The astrological aspect of the forecast is also important, given the esoteric character of the newspaper article. The article was published in issue 7 (April 2001) of the all-Ukrainian( ex-ussr country) popular esoteric newspaper Tajnaja Doktrina (Secret Doctrine). The newspaper has been published in the Crimea since February 1999. Below you will find the text of the article together with the interpretation of its key message.

Article prediction below.



A popular definition of tragedies of the century is the events which have had a big impact and a huge number of casualties. The 20th century saw probably the most horrendous tragedies in the history of mankind involving a huge number of deaths, i.e. World Wars I and II and the Chernobyl disaster, a true symbol of the century's nuclear tragedies.

According to our forecasts, the year 2001 may become a year of a big human tragedy of a special, never-before-seen scale and unpredictable consequences. This assertion is based on calculations related to the Chernobyl disaster. Planet Saturn, the symbol of destructive beginning, at the moment of the Chernobyl tragedy was located on the so-called Aldebaran Antares disaster line. The two are magnitude one stars located respectively at 10 of Gemini and 10 of Sagittarius, which spoke for a possibility for a tragedy of the century to happen. This year, i.e. 15 years later, Saturn will be coming back onto the disaster line, which may open a new stage of development of a very complex dynamic problem. It is important to note that in all probability it may arise in the summer, when almost all the planets are located in the three main Zodiac signs, i.e. Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius. They are the major key Zodiac signs, the Yang signs, which gives a big energy potential to events. In the summer 1941 Saturn was also located within the disaster line, which resulted in a tragic fact in human history.

FINANCIal WESTERN WORLD in great trouble

1971 saw deficit in the U.S. foreign trade balance. On August 15, 1971 President Nixon declared the launch of new economic policy, one of whose highlights was to be a temporary halt to exchange of dollars for gold and introduction of a new importation tax. It was there and then that the printing machine was put into action to produce a huge paper mass of bucks. Japan was becoming a leader snapping at the heels of American capital.

The Saturn cycle is now over and the planet is coming back again into Gemini (the symbol of America) where it was in 1971. It is fraught with new trouble for the U.S..

But it is necessary to note that every growth is usually preceded by a crisis. Therefore, already in 2001 the first signs of a future climb may be expected, which in its turn will become a mere beginning of the search for the new economic tack of the western world leader.

And now it is time to go deep into the essence of the interpretation.
The forecast is written in the style of Nostradamus with hidden elements of the most interesting details.

The heading 2001 Extreme Events and the title LARGE SCALE TRADEGY MAY HAPPEN IN SUMMER speak for themselves. 9/11 converted to the old style calendar is still summer. The same old-style calendar also applied in the U.S.. Who can dare assert that a tragedy which claimed thousands of lives of people from 90 countries who happened to be in the Twin Towers when the planes crashed into them is not large-scale? The U.S. suffered damage worth hundreds of billions of dollars. The consequences of the tragedy are really unpredictable.

Two stars, Aldebaran and Antares, are mentioned in the text. Astrologers will understand it better. If you give an attentive look to the text, you will see the phrase Aldebaran is located at 10 of Gemini. See, what does it mean? Aldebaran is the Arabic for he who goes right after. If you read everything together, you will see that the first of the Twin Towers collapsed (to put it mildly) at 10:00 New York time.

Or let's quote the text itself just read attentively: at 10 of Gemini, which spoke for a possibility for a tragedy of the century to take place.

Now, the name of the star is Arabic and we already know that the act of terrorism was plotted by the Arabs. There is no better way to present the Arab connection in the article where the details of what happened on 9/11 have to be hidden. Just imagine the following sign, a graffito maybe, somewhere on a fence or on a wall in New York: At 10 Twins (for Gemini means Twins) followed by I am going right after in Arabic. A prophetic phrase, isn't it, for the blind to see and for the fool to understand. As for Antares, here we also deal with a hidden sense element, but this time it concerns Osama Bin Laden. When the astrologers published Osama's horoscope, the one thing that arrested everybody's attention was the influence of Antares. Like in case of the Chernobyl accident, this star is located on Saturn in Sagittarius. If you think it's a mere coincidence, you are wrong. In fact, it became the key astrofactor which characterized his horoscope so negatively. Just type the name of this star in the Internet search window and you will see that Antares is mentioned in the Bin Laden context in the very first Internet references found.

There is not a single unnecessary detail in the forecast article. And the most important thing: there is no juggling with facts to match them with what I wrote as early as six months before the tragedy really took place. The key theme of the mystery is only considered in two dates: 1941 and 1971. 1941 is the year in which the construction of the Pentagon started. The Pentagon was attacked on 9/11/2001 at 9:45. Then, three Zodiac signs are mentioned: Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius. I quote: It is important to note that in all probability it may arise in the summer, when almost all the planets are located in the three main Zodiac signs, i.e. Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius. You understand that it is about the dates of the tragedy and in this context you see two astrological symbols: Sagittarius and Aquarius are the date of the tragedy. Look: Sagittarius is the 9th Zodiac sign while Aquarius is the 11th. And we get the 9th month and the 11th day. Mysticism, isn't it? That's the simple way in which the date of the tragedy was ciphered. Gemini hints at the Twin Towers (remember, Gemini translates Twins from Latin), while in the second part of the article it is written in bold type that in consequence of the tragedy the western countries will be affected, of which the heading FINANCIAL WESTERN WORLD in great troubl tells us. Not only American finances but the whole world money was affected. Who will say that the 2001 tragedy in the U.S. is not a turmoil? Let's speak specifically about the mysterious character of the dates and names which reflect the essence of the 2001 tragedy. The article says that the year 1971 is the beginning of the construction of the World Trade Center whose Twin Towers were ruthlessly hit by the planes. Further in the text of the article Gemini (or Twins) the symbol of America is mentioned exactly same way as in Nostradamus (his quatrain On Twin Brothers is now often referred to in the media). Who will deny that the WTC skyscrapers are twins? Further on in the text of the article Japan is mentioned, which also has a deep ciphered meaning. The article did not mention the planes the main death weapon. Can the reader name at least one country of the world which delivered a blow on the U.S. from the air more horrible than Japan? Hardly! Pearl Harbor is never to forget. While reading the forecast article attentively we should focus on correct interpretation. Now a few words about the Boeing. Did you know how old the founder of the Boeing Company would be as at 9/11/2001? 119! Again this mysticism of numbers 11 and 9! I believe we deal with fate here. For those who are good at numerology I will mention another couple of aviation numerical elements hidden in the forecast article. Just look at the two dates mentioned in the article: 1941 and 1971. If you consider 1 as a bracket or a stroke, you can see two numbers: 94 and 97. If we detract them from the year of the tragedy, i.e. 2001, we get respectively 1904 (the year of first flights in primitive aircraft) and 1907 (the year when the Boeing Company was set up in Seattle). In history the two dates are related to the opening of the aviation era. Let's go back to the text of the article and read the following phrase attentively: already in 2001 the first signs of the future climb may be expected. The context is clear in this case: it was exactly due to the planes that not only the U.S. economy took a nose-dive, but also The figurative meaning of the term AIRCRAFT CLIMB ( take off ) can be interpreted as the question: when will America rise again? when will its airports be open again? Just like the newspaper heading. And more about Japan. The Twin Towers were designed by the architect Yamasaki. The name is apparently Japanese! True, he was born in America, but it is of no importance. Interestingly, he was born in Seattle, where the Boeing headquarters is located. Well, the Boeings destroyed the World Trade Center buildings. Doesn't it look funny, given the huge number of other cities in America?

Don't imagine I'm trying to do this put-up job on the numbers and names to match them with the reality, don't forget that the article was published in April 2001, i.e. six months before the tragedy. Anyway a knowing person could find no trouble to perceive and understand the details of the style borrowed from Michel Nostradamus. In essence, a simpler way could have been taken in writing about the imminent tragedy, but in this case the intrigue itself would have been lost when hidden sense can be found behind details. As for President Nixon, who is also mentioned in the article, he is not an ordinary president. Firstly, it was during his presidency that the WTC was built (for those who still fail to understand: the information about the collapse of the Towers was ciphered in such a way in this article). Did you know when both Nixon and the architect Yamasaki who designed the Twin Towers were conceived? When the Titanic was either sinking or was on her way to New York heading towards the fatal meeting with the iceberg. Nixon was born on 01/09/1913, Yamasaki on 12/01/1912. Even given the most improbable moments of their conception, in all cases it must be the spring of 1912, when the Titanic was setting off for her maiden and the last! voyage. I do not think it is just by chance that they both were in their mothers' wombs when one of the most terrible tragedies in the history of capitalism took place. And the Titanic was built in 1911. Again 911! I do not think it is a coincidence. A knowing person will inevitably see here the hand of fate which is still ruling supreme in America. It is obvious even for the skeptics that the two key persons one a president, the other a chief architect could have been conceived and born in a period favorable for both America and the rest of the capitalist world. For the skeptics I will also say that there is no greater delusion in the history of the U.S. than the Titanic disaster (wars do not count as they have a different origin). Anyway she was sailing to New York, the capital of world money, and such vibrations can only give birth to negative clichs in history.

It goes without saying that the sign of America is Gemini (Twins), while Saturn in them is the death (as is said in the forecast article), which makes it possible to see even without any specific analysis that 30 years ago the U.S. was also going through a heavy crisis. Time factor is also critical in evaluation of what I write about the events in America. Because it is exactly knowing the place and time of the event that makes such forecasts valuable (especially for no-nonsense people who have something to lose). I do admit that in some specific cases in-depth details are needed but in the 2001 American tragedy case such details may be disregarded, given the way the material is presented. Here a more important role is played by a moderate characterization of destiny and consequences for the U.S. in 2001 rather than by details. It may be from high above. Warning, thinking about one's destiny may just be inevitable. Now, a Biblical story which makes us think about a modern tragedy of the humanity. In the Old Testament (Genesis 11, 1-9) we read how the Lord scattered the people abroad upon the face of all the earth and they left to build the Tower of Babel (the symbol of human arrogance and apostasy) which many think to be the symbol of the first skyscraper and Babel itself the then prototype of New York. Interestingly, it is exactly in Chapter 11 and up to verse 9 that a story so much similar to the tragic reality is told. Mind numbers 11 and 9! The tragic 9/11 the date when the Twin Towers collapsed and the Pentagon was attacked in New York.

Let's sum it up. At first sight, some secondary text elements are present in the essence of the forecast. But in fact they are the ciphered details of the tragedy the popular name for which is now 9/11. Skeptics, you are welcome to tell me why one small article dedicated to a large-scale tragedy and financial turmoil in the U.S. contains the dates of construction of the Pentagon (1941) and the Twin Towers (1971), mentions President Nixon under whom they were being built and Japan whose symbol is the architect Yamasaki who designed the Twin Towers. If you can! Strange, isn't it? And last but not least such details as the Zodiak signs speaking about the date of the tragedy 9/11 through Sagittarius, the 9th sign, and Aquarius, the 11th, as well as reference to Gemini (Twins) with a very slight hint at the Twin Towers. We can only wonder if somebody from above does nothing but teach people how to live.



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