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The business activity strongly depends on influences of space rhythms and movement of planets in Zodiac as well. Especially it concerns separate independent entities, like private enterprises, firms, corporations, etc.

The choice of date of registration is basis of the company, firm, corporation etc. one of the central conception in astrology and mysticism as the most important. It seriously influence to success and misfortune too. Many companies changing a horoscope, having replaced date of registration of firm and changed its destiny. That is why it is necessary to know well, how perfect the date of your business start is.

Search of date for the beginning of new business, project, investment of money is the most important ceremony in creating future success. Certainly there are also important elements creating the future success of the company but not so like this.

Once in 1990, the financial giant of world investment business, JPMorgan Chase and Co. was mistaken, invested money with Dresdner Bank Lateinamerika and Credit Suisse First Boston in the Banco Comercial del Uruguay. After 11 years in Uruguay, the country with the extremely ustable bank system the crisis has burst, it trigered the financial crisis in near Argentina. There was a chaos in the country, when investors of major banks came to demonstration to demand the contributions and return there money. But money were lost! For us it is a quite familiar picture. But business is not so easy. JPMorgan Chase and Co had huge financial losses, its shares have fallen in value more, than it was September 11, to 30 dollars per share, though two years before, in 2000 its price was more than 90 dollars per share. And as the result the main course of this misfortune was the wrong period of starting business, in which JPMorgan Chase and Co purchased ill-starred the Banco Comercial del Uruguay.

Also it is very important for succesful business has not only good period of a beginning of any business, but also have a horoscope of those people, who are involved in business. One of the main parameters of successful business is the top managers and president. Usually bad horoscope of top managers or president creats big problems and leads to the crash of all company. From another side such deadly horoscopes devastating not only its owner but and projects these people realise. Misfortune of RMS «Titanic» totally depended on horoscope of its captaine E.Smith. If the ship was in command under another captain this ship could avoided the tragedy. And such examples I can say you a hundreds. Accordingly to the selection you should get desirable result. Do not forget, the staff is still the most of all! For example Napoleon often checked the fortune of his generals before decisive battles. He ordered to the generals play cards and according to the results he made a decision who were in command of the army. According to anciant Chinese philosopher and militarian strategist Sun Tsu, each fight is won before, its start. Therefore follow wise ways and look not only forward, but also analyse a quality of firm and its future, place of work, office, personnel etc. It allows to make the astrological analysis of a situation at all and get good result avoiding huge problemes.

Horoscope of firm. During the period of its existance any firm or any company come through the cycle of its genesis, which includes the periods of rise, prosperity, recession, crisis, bancraptcy. The beginning of each of them depends not of us - people, but from of planets and star movement. Alive nature also dependes on the same cycles of life, spring, summer, autumn, winter and again spring. You can take an advantage using these cycles , it is possible consciously to strengthen one tendency and weaken another knowing its component. Main to know, when rise comes and recession begins.

Time goes by fast and you make an issue of your work. By the results you get know what wrong and what is wright. The definition of weak points of work of the company is a major element of its activity. For example it is possible to get profit in manufacturing of one kind goods but lose money on another. Unfortunately there are many examples in a history. Therefore definition or making wright choise of any direction of activity means itself the analysis on the basis of the information.

And for more succesful planing, is necessary to know potential of your company, on what it is capable in certain conditions and whether it can grow and if yes, how much. And you can make a decision to invest in the certain period or not based on this information.

Influencing of stars on success of firm working space, office, etc. It so much depends on, where the office and organizations is located. External environment influence to us strongly and to our activity, and its many characteristics are unknown and are hidden from eyes of outsider. For example, it is very important where the armchair of the chief is located. The success of the company depends directly of it!

Selection and analysis of the business partners. This is the important part and component of any business. as J. Stalin said - staff is the most of all! Perhaps, the personel is one of the most important component of every business or project. This is the second most dominant sphere by importance for astroanalysis after the horoscope of company. And also it is worth to say how much wanted good partner! That is why when analyse someone's business or make a prediction I always ask for dates of birth of key staff executives or main partners.

Influencing of stars on the future of businesses. Strategy and tactics of development of firm and business. In the certain period of time always there are changes of a supply and demand in markets and in business activity at all. Search of new alternatives in each branch, and as personnel and financial potential and much, much another ways of development also changing in a process of business activity. For each business there are periods of rise and recession, increase and reduction of potential etc. for this purpose correctly to estimate opportunities of firm in the future period, and to not be mistaken in those opportunities and situations, which firm can face in the certain period it is necessary each year to analyze its future and on the basis of real influences of stars on its destiny to make a strategy of development. For example On January 19, 1993 IBM announced a USD 4.97 billion loss for 1992, which was at that time the largest single-year corporate loss in United States history. it is possible to name results of work of known world(global) corporation IBM, which could not avoid the recordly highest losses in a history of USA. Because incorrectly make the strategy of the development for the certain period of time. In case of presance an astrologer in Board of Directors of IBM, it would be possible to warn that the beginning of 90th would be the period of the large recession in activity, and accordingly beforehand it is necessary to arrange on reforming work of the company to avoid the future losses. On the peak of financial problems in August 1993 shares of International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) costed about 40 dollars per share, though in August 1987, when they were on peak of growth, their price was almost 180 dollars for the share. Only in six years and such difference in changes not only in structure of manufacturing but in management, and in profit too. Therefore before to make a wright decision always it is necessary to predict , what will be in near future.

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